Customer Experience Expert

About the job

As all Digipolitans, you have a positive and pragmatic mindset. You are able to simplify complex things. And above all: you love to be in the market and get energy from convincing people. And letting your clients and Digipolitans shine by generating fast and tangible success.

Over the last years, Digipolitans has built up an extensive customer network. We went from start-up to scale-up fase and are growing so fast that we are looking for reinforcement.

As a Customer Experience Expert you will work closely together with our management team and an enthusiastic team of digital specialists. They make innovation, transformation and digitalization happen in established Belgian and international companies such as: Proximus, Telenet, Coolblue, Google, ING, P&V Verzekeringen, Royal Belgian Football Association, Nationale Loterij, VRT, Bpost, Matexi, DPGMedia, RTL,…


We want you to have fun. And bringing fun in the team. Performance management is one of the domains we exploit, in order to leverage our client’s revenue and cost efficiency. You will work hand in hand with our experts in other domains, such as intelligence, product & pricing, digital marketing, digital channels, digital media, and e-sales.

As a Customer Experience Expert:

  • You assist clients in their ambition to turn customer centricity into action. Going from strategy to execution and follow-up
  • You take the lead in / or contribute to presentations, workshops and brainstorming sessions
  • You assist our clients with end-to-end transformations, focussing on the teams, processes and objectives
  • You build a strong relationship with the client
  • You are flexible and like to tackle a variety of customer challenges
  • You follow new trends and insights and share this knowledge with the team


  • 2 to 5 years of experience in a digital (strategy) role
  • Experience in customer journey mapping and design thinking is a plus
  • Strong affinity with customer-centric thinking strategy and execution
  • Knowledge of customer satisfaction metrics (NPS, CSAT, CES)
  • Analytical and logical mindset to think solution-focused with our customers
  • Feel comfortable to interact with clients and colleagues on a personal and professional level

About us

Digipolitans doesn’t change companies. We empower companies to change themselves to stay ahead in a hybrid world.

Hence, we operate in company, pragmatic, hand in hand with our clients to co-define, co-create and co-execute tangible, (fast) executable, hands-on and sprints to speed up our client’s digital transformation, innovation and its execution in a continuously changing and fastmoving hybrid world.

We pilot our clients in the innovation driving seat. Driven by our experts and expertise (and maybe yours in the future). Powered by Digipolitans’ easy understandable transformation models. Tailored to our client’s organization and ambitions.

We have a track record of tangible and measurable success in guiding leading telco, media, banking, sports,… companies to change themselves and accelerate transformation, innovation and especially its execution with a clear focus on performance: our client’s leveraging cost and revenue efficiency.

What you could expect from us

Thank God it’s Monday! That’s your spirit we are aiming at. Powered by a great team and great clients. You:

  • Get huge opportunities for general and in-depth progression
  • Will work as an employee or freelance
  • Will support AAA companies and play in digital transformation champions league
  • Will be rewarded with a competitive salary and extra fringe benefits
  • Operate at diverse workplaces: Digipolitans, our clients and at home
  • Will make you a real Digipolitan
  • Will join regular and cool team activities

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Max. file size: 20 MB.

Why work at digipolitans

  • You’ll get to add big names to your resume

    We work for big companies and never run out of challenging projects for clients in big banking, telecom, media, real estate, and more.

  • Bi-weekly knowledge sessions with free lunch

    Every two weeks we get together to share our expertise or something cool we learned about. Free sandwiches and cookies included.

  • We care about impact not time-sheets

    You don’t need to report every 15 minutes of your workday. We care more about impact and hard results than 3-page timesheets.

10 – 20 min

Schedule a quick strategy call

  • Analyse challenges
  • Spot opportunities
  • Discuss strategy