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    Christophe Glorieux

    CEO & Founding Partner

    Jarno Koopmans

    Digital Marketing Lead & Founding Partner

    Sophie Moncarey

    Chief Operations Officer

    Erik Polakiewiez

    Head of Customer Experience & Ecommerce

    Bert Eeckhout

    Customer Experience Manager

    Fabienne Martens

    Project Lead & Market Expert

    Arno Maes

    Transformation Lead

    Ann Van Dessel

    Business Development

    Matthias Stoffels

    Performance Marketing Lead

    Ine Huygen

    Project Manager

    Laura Cleymans

    Content & Performance Marketeer

    Assia Loutfi

    Business Consultant

    Jeff Vercauteren

    Business Consultant

    Anne Pauwels

    Office Manager

    Rani Guinée

    Content & Communication Expert

    Joris Verluyten

    Digital Marketing Expert

    Timo Verheyden

    Content Lead

    Emily Van Campenhout

    Online Content Expert

    Lauranne Louis


    Luba Karpova

    Marketing project manager

    Priskilla Wilssens

    HR & Finance

    Ilse Vandevyvere

    Change Lead

    Jacob Hemptinne

    Online Content Expert

    Ludovic Lenaerts

    Social Video Content Strategist

    Gianna Steevens

    Digital Marketing Communication

Our vision

Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime. That’s our vision on digital transformation.

All companies want to stay ahead of the game and invest in digital transformation. But too often, they only focus on transformation itself, instead of the reason why they need to transform. We believe that you should first connect all the dots between your organization, your clients, and their experience.

To do this, companies can’t simply hire a bunch of experts and sit back. The success of any digital transformation is the extent to which companies manage to transform themselves. That’s where we come in and teach you how to ‘fish’.

Our mission

As a boutique consultancy agency, we help you build a future-proof company. This means that together, we shape your organization, build the right assets, and deliver the best possible customer experience.

During this transformation process, we don’t simply show up with pretty Powerpoints and leave you to it. Instead, we first act as a guide, an advisor, then as a co-pilot, a colleague, and finally we let you take over the steering wheel. This way your organization will be able to continually transform itself and adapt to changes in the market.

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