RBFA: optimizing digital functioning

The challenge

Optimize internal digital organization structures to serve the football community better

Our role

While the RBFA’s initial goal simply was to generate more app downloads and usage, it quickly became clear that its internal structures needed to be improved in order to attain that goal. Therefore, we first conducted intake interviews to get a better understanding of the context and the stakeholders. These showed us that there was a clear need of working more process-based, more client-oriented, more KPI-driven, and more multidisciplinary. Next, we determined a uniform user journey of the app together through a series of workshops, on which we then based a new organizational structure with multidisciplinary squads. In other words, the cornerstones that we laid of the blueprint for a new internal digital organizational structure, carried by all employees, were based on an external journey.

About the client

The RBFA (Royal Belgian Football Association) was founded in 1895 as an umbrella association that organizes and coordinates every aspect of Belgian football on all levels. Additionally, it’s responsible for all Belgian national teams and their performances. In doing so, the RBFA is the largest sports association in Belgium in terms of members.


  • Design, launch, and support of Digital Factory

  • Implementation of data-driven mindset & measurable KPI model

  • Meetings reduced by 35%

Key activities

  • User journey mapping
  • Stakeholder management
  • Intake interviews
  • App optimization
  • End-to-end
  • Organization structure
10 – 20 min

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