Belgian Alliance: premium data-driven advertising solutions at scale

The challenge

Unite Belgian media and telcos to provide premium data-driven advertising solutions at scale.

Our role

Digipolitans acted as an independent partner to align all stakeholders on the why, what, and how, to inject a can-do mentality, pragmatism, speed, and focus, and to drive execution. We scanned, the visions, assets, and cultures of each party to determine the scope of the alliance. Next, we helped align all parties on a concrete action plan which existed of launching two MVP’s simultaneously to test the collaboration in-market: a common digital advertising solution and a common Addressable TV solution. This led to a structural partnership between Belgian media and telcos to make Addressable TV as an advertising product more standardized, easier, and more accessible for the Belgian advertising market.

About the client

The Belgian Alliance consists of major Belgian companies (SBS, Rossel, DPG Media, Mediahuis, RTL, RTBF, Telenet, and Poximus) who wanted to tackle shared data and innovation challenges together in order to enable targeted advertising on TV as well as on online platforms.


  • Unique collaboration between 9 local competitors

  • More uniform + accessible advertising product for advertisers

  • Standardized ATV offering for the Belgian market

Key activities

  • Data analysis
  • Co-creation
  • Scoping
  • MVP
  • Tests and optimization
  • Market analysis
  • Vision & assets scan
  • International benchmarking
  • Strategy definition
  • Stakeholder management
10 – 20 min

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  • Spot opportunities
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